Harvey making landfall We never would have imagined that riding out a Category 4 would be our first week in The Prairie Schooner! But Hurricane Harvey welcomes us to Van life…

Typing this on my phone, is not the most intuitive interface. I will need to keep this brief. Bear with my issues…

Internet is difficult to find… For some reason all the free hotspots that used to be around seem to have all vaporized as soon as we hit the road! Even in places like McDonald’s, do not have free Wi-Fi in this area.

We are doing well. The dogs are coping quite well. The first four days were in excess of 100°… The next four days were spent preparing for a Category 4 hurricane to hit the Gulf coast, and surviving the first few days without The Prairie Schooner becoming a houseboat!

We are all well, and dry. While our heart goes out for the Gulf towns of Fulton, Rockport, Victoria… And the inland towns surrounding Houston and over into Louisiana – we have been watching Reddit and it appears that emergency services from as far away as the East Coast are rushing to the aid of those being inundated with these torrential rains!

Where we are hiding is slated to receive about 15 inches of rain. So far everything is coming slow enough that it is soaking in, and running off, not being as much of an issue as we had anticipated. Luckily! We were 50 miles from the eye, and NW of it, so we were spared the brunt of the storm.

we wanted to touch base, and let everybody know that things were going well enough for us. More frequent updates, as soon as I can find some sort of Wi-Fi. We have already consumed a month’s data on our phones watching the storm on radar and trying to get information about it.

Once again, pardon the issues with the typing. My old phone died two days before we left, and this new phone seems to have some issues… Conveniently.

More from the road soon! Our prayers to those in harms way with Hurricane Harvey. Stay dry, my friends!







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