This month has completely flown by! The month of June has been a very busy month for Team JUsT. We have much news to report and a tentative launch date for the Prairie Schooner’s adventures!

Minimalism and Minimizing

The month started out with the minimalizing progress making huge leaps and bounds of progress. We have sold and donated and trashed about 90% of our possessions. It has been a long, hard, sometimes painful process. Culling the items that we wish to store for later use, is finally beginning to look like its nearing completion!

It has taken the better part of six months to weed through everything and sell off what we can. I had initially thought that this would be the easier part of our Plan, but it has proven to be the hardest not only emotionally, but finding buyers for obscure items of higher value.

My advice would be to allow yourself twice the time that you think you’ll need when purging and minimizing!

Prairie Schooner Progress

We have pretty much wrapped up the conversion of the Ford Transit Cargo Van into our little home. I have some details to wrap up, such as the mosquito netting project isn’t finished yet. With the other chores taking priority, further progress on the van (itself) has been put on the back burner.

Packing and Loading

I am still struggling with paring down the kitchen contents for what will be realistic food preparations in the Prairie Schooner. I have grandiose plans for being able to cook and prepare food of a similar calibre to which I have always been accustomed; but the reality is that we will have no counter space for fancy preparations and that our cooking will be much more streamlined and basic.

Not only will we not have storage/stowage room for various sizes of casserole dishes and measuring devices, but I really think it is going to be unrealistic to even take 75% of what I have pared it down to…

Other than the kitchen and foodstuffs, my computer, and our clothing and bathroom items, we have most everything else figured out and in place. Everything else is patiently awaiting our arrival.

Progress on Another Front

The house that we live in currently is owned by my Father, and he is selling it since we aren’t going to be staying in it. It has been a rental for decades, and he is no longer interested in managing rental properties.

The house was listed on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday afternoon, there were five realistic offers on it. Today, it was taken off the market and has been sold for about 10% MORE than the listing price!

Way to go, Dad! Congratulations!

So, that means that we have a tentative launch date of 20 July 2017 for our adventure in the Prairie Schooner!

I find myself happy, scared, excited, and pre-worrying about all the things that could (and probably never will) happen to us during our initial few months until we figure everything out and settle in to a our new routine. Rock, doesn’t seem to be as impacted by the “What Ifs” of our adventure, but he has always been my steadying influence – that’s why I call him Rock.

We have about 30 days to wrap up everything that we are going to wrap up… and then (drum roll) we will be hitting the road and living the tiny nomadic life!

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