Has it really been more than two weeks since we last updated our blog? Well, here is the latest news on the Prairie Schooner project, our minimalization progress, and our GTFO plans… Please pardon our absence, but things are really progressing right now!

Prairie Schooner

We have completed a few minor adjustments in the ol’ Prairie Schooner. One of the circulation fans had a shipping damage issue, so it was returned. I still need to order a replacement one, since we really (really, really) like that model. The mosquito netting solution has been invented, and is in the midst of being created. The Van Tetris has progressed to the degree that if we had to “drive off right now” that we would have everything we needed. (I am sure the evolution of how to most conveniently stash stuff, will be an ongoing process as we adjust to life in The Prairie Schooner.)


We have sorted, discarded, donated, sold, and stored a metric ton of junque and priceless heirlooms. Several deliveries to the local family shelter have been completed, and they will be our last stop when everything is “said and done.” The endless stream of CraigsList, OfferUp, NextDoor low-ball purchasers is reaching a crescendo. My Father has taken the initial load of inherited furniture

Loading the trailer for storage.
Loading for the trip to storage.

to store at his place. There will be one more similarly small load when we actually vacate his rent house. My Daughter has wandered through the house and collected everything that she can use as she moves into her own house in her college town. (Princessa made it home last night and will be unloading the pickup today.)

Camp Chairs
JUsT chairs and TV trays!

Last night was the first night with both loads of big stuff removed, and as Rock and I sat in our folding camp chairs, set up in the living room, and tipped back some cold, foamy, and frosty adult beverages, we remarked at how little actually remained in the casa to be addressed… (Shiner Black Lager!)

Get Outta Dodge

We have some touch-up painting to do around the house. The garage door never got painted to match the front door when we moved in. And the carpets sooooo need steam cleaning because we have the two house dogs… dogs and carpet should never be in the same house!

The house has a Realtor already and he is just waiting for the final touch-ups and a fresh appraisal before the publicized listing hit the press.

So, while I miss being able to post up the little project notes for the Prairie Schooner, we will continue to be absent for just a little while longer since Real Life will take precedence over getting to blog… for now.

Soon, we will have a bit less distractions and will  be able to catch up on our backlog of Project posts.

Until then… keep your head above water and keep on keepin’ on!


Tali (& Rock, around here somewhere)

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2 thoughts on “Latest News! (Our Absence, v2.0)”

  1. Wow, I see an old school desk in one of the pictures, that brings back memories. Kids don’t know how good they have it now with new modern furniture that isn’t hard wood to sit on. It sounds like things are just about ready to blast off. I’ll be listening out for ya!

    1. I always loved those old wood and metal desks. I still use mine… its comfortable. Much more so than the new plastic stuff, in my opinion. I had two of them, one was mine and one was my sister’s, and ~somehow~ one accidentally got sold at the yard sale.
      When we were young, our parents bought an old plantation house in rural Virginia. Up the road was a school, and one of the first summers we lived there, they gutted and remodeled the old school. There were oodles of those desks in the dumpsters… Our Father and us girls went Dumpster Diving and selected two of them in the best shape. Dad refinished them for us in about 1973 or so…
      While we were loading up the little trailer, he reminded me of the story and lamented that he wished we had grabbed several more of those! (Although, since I have been the one guarding them and storing them and moving them for the past 40 years, I think I am happy that I only had the two to take care of…) LOL!
      Thanks for your kind comment! I always enjoy hearing from you.

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