Ahhhhh, The Fun of Van Tetris!

We have begun the endless game of how to fit two humans and two 60 pound dogs and all their accompanying stuff, into 66 square feet. Van Tetris!


Reassembled plastic drawer columns for clothing and personal itemsWe figured out that all of our shoes, clothing, and personal items will fit into those little plastic drawer columns, and that they can be disassembled and stacked on top of each other to lessen the floorspace that they occupy.





Kitchen & Safe

We figured out that the little fire safe can Underbed storage, fire safe, potty, pantry, oven/stovebe bolted to the floor of the van and secured from being carried away. We have opted for the low, flat Sterilite storage containers for the kitchen and pantry storage. We have four of the pantry storage containers, and it appears that 3-4 of them can stack on top of each other under the bed! We are enthused!

The Garage

Underbed storage in the back, AKA The Garage!We discovered that the existing dog food rolling container actually fits up underneath the bed perfectly! (“Yayyy, dog food!” was heard from both pooches.)

We also have a small drawer unit for office supplies, unused yet drawer, and electronic/wiring/construction tools.

And the obligatory folding chairs… of course!



Storage & Road Trip

And while we were working on the Van Tetris, my Father offered up some storage space in his garage for our family pictures and such that we will be retaining… so we have a road trip planned with a bare minimum supplies and some storage stuff!

“Yayyyy, road trip!” was shouted through the JUsT Us household!

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2 thoughts on “Van Tetris”

  1. I must have missed this post somehow. Glad that I caught it. That is one really great setup you have in there! I know your itching to get out of there. What an adventure it will be. I love the banner picture you have now. Sunlight through the trees.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment…
      We are getting closer and closer… I am excited to begin the next chapter! I look around at what is left to do and just want to shovel it all into a dumpster and be done with this part. LOL!

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