Today is Easter, and while we are not active participants in Easter – we enjoyed a day off for lounging around the shack.

Our day started with the neighbors having a row in their driveway. They regularly host episodes of Jerry Springer in their drive and front lawn. Today was no exception. And our bedroom window is mere feet from their driveway… Always a front row seat or pillow!
It was followed by their friends and family arriving, and honking their horn in lieu of ringing a doorbell. Festive, I must say!
Sufficiently startled, repeatedly, we got up for the day… Have I mentioned that we live a second-shift or even third-shift schedule?
I staggered out to the kitchen, to begin my morning coffee… Window open to best catch the cool morning breezes.  As I stood there, brewing my morning cup of Joe, I hear the unmistakable cocking of the neighbors’ pellet gun, followed by the distinct *plink* of the galvanized trash can on my back patio!
Uncool. Very uncool.
I had just brought the dogs in from their morning constitutional, so this was fortuitous.
Out, I marched, like a hen after a June Bug! I stomp across the yard and over to the fence, staring straight down the barrel of the pellet gun, aimed directly at me in my yard! Two strange girls are pointing it at me.
Using my Mom Voice, I command them to lower the rifle and proceed to give them a brief lesson in trajectory after missing a target… I wave at my waistband, indicating my Everyday Carry pistol, and said, “We all have one. It’s your responsibility to use it safely!”
Turning on my heel, I marched back to check on my coffee water… Moments later, the doorbell rings. (Note to self: they do know how to use one!)
The shack-up boyfriend who moved in next door mere days ago, is here to perform his token attempt at parenting… Berating the neighbor’s for yelling at the cousins in the back yard. It was hard to keep a straight face, but I did pretty well.
Following that was the SNAFU with Rock’s disorganized employer. Trying to get him to work a shift, two hours of texts later, they uninvited him, as they finally figured it out.
Next came yard work. We spent no less than 5 hours mowing, picking up rocks, sticks, neighbor’s garbage, even their cutlery… But it looks nice and the lightning bugs are emerging as I sit in the patio being serenaded by another neighbor’s blasting radio of mariachi music and an endlessly barking dog who has a bark of such a pitch it makes my head ring.
I cannot wait to get out of this place… I have looked longingly out the front windows several times today. Gazing adoringly upon the Prairie Schooner, envisioning the escape that it will afford us…
How was your Easter?

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2 thoughts on “Easter 2017, or The Neighbors From Hell”

  1. That was a tough Easter you had. About 2 years ago we had neighbors like that. Loud, stupid, and at times so drunk they would fall down crossing the small street we live on. Keep looking at the Schooner, one day you’ll see the neighbors in the rear view mirror.

    1. Yes, indeed… they are the reason, or at least a huge part of the reason, that we are opting for life in 66 square feet. We cannot get away from them fast enough. About 18 months of sleep deprivation, so far…

      Thanks for the cheering, sometimes I get so discouraged at all we have to do to GTFO of here! You made me smile – thank you!

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