Life in the Prairie Schooner in South Texas is going to become tough come August… air circulation is one thing that our Solar System will be required to support, and it is not big enough to run an air conditioner! Ventilation and Air Circulation fans will be a big item for us. We are not big fans (pun intended) of air conditioning, as we both much prefer having the windows and doors opened to the fresh air.

We have researched several solutions for ventilation and air movement, and in addition to the roof vent fan which we installed, we will need to be able to move air around within the van to help alleviate the oppressive heat that can come with living in a metal box. We found a small 12v two-speed fan that seemed to fit the bill for us.  A small footprint, dual speeds for good air movement, plus the ability to swivel the direction of two 4″ heads! This seemed like exactly what we would need! At $25, it was an easy decision, as many of the other similar small fan units seemed to be significantly more expensive.

AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan – Rotatable 2 Speed Dual Blade with 9FT Cord

Not having lived in the Prairie Schooner full-time yet, we are not exactly positive where we wanted to mount the fan we purchased, so I disassembled a few laptop hard drives and removed the magnets from them. These tiny magnets are surprisingly strong, and were just the ticket for a movable but sturdy mounting solution for our new fan.

The fan was shipped with some thick, foamy, double-sticky 3M tape, so I used their tape for the vibration absorption and attached my little magnets to the four corners. It worked perfectly!

The fan sticks firmly to the steel walls and ceiling of the van, the foam tape absorbs the vibrations so there is no rattling or noise of any sort, and we can move it around to best discern placement for optimal ventilation and air circulation.

We have tested it out and this is a GREAT little fan!  It is relatively quiet, in the scheme of fans. It doesn’t sound like a jet when on the higher setting.  It moves a surprisingly large amount of air for being such a little guy. It only draws 0.44 amps of power on low, and 0.55 amps on high. It is a light enough unit that the hard drive magnets keep it snugly in place, even when driving. And I love-love-love the ability to swivel each of the heads a full 360 degrees. Lastly, the power cord with the cigar outlet plug has a generous 8′-9′ length which is plenty to reach any location throughout the Prairie Schooner.

We placed it at the foot of our bed, and can point one head at each occupant for easy, breezy sleeping!

We were so pleased with the product, that we ordered a second one and have already set it up with magnets.

How do you handle air flow in your van, camper, car or RV?



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3 thoughts on “Ventilation and Air Circulation Fans”

  1. I love the hard drive magnets. I use them for everything around here. I think those fans should really do the trick, it’s all about air flow when trying to keep a close area livable.

    1. I agree! We got caught in a storm the other day and got to sample a little of the close and closed lifestyle. It’s a good thing we really like each other! LOL!

      As it is, I have “hot flashes” and Rock strobes right along with me with sympathetic hot flashes… LOL! So, these fans will be a welcome addition.

      Thanks for following along! I am, again, wayyyyyyy behind on my reading – I will pop over to your page as soon as I catch my breath… 🙂

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