We have received a few questions concerning the Dometic CFX 65DZ US that we purchased for the Prairie Schooner.  One person was under the impression that your van or RV would need to be level for it to function; and another had specific questions regarding power consumption. If we get further questions, I will update this page with any experimentation we can do before it becomes our sole source of refrigeration as van dwellers!  So, let’s delve into Dometic Dual Zone Fridge-Freezer Test Results!

Test 1 – Un-Level functionality

Will the Dometic Dual Zone work when slightly off-kilter, or does it need to be perfectly level to operate?

I scampered back to where the Dometic was hanging outDometic Fridge on a Harry Potter Book in the spare bedroom, and slipped Volume 7 of the Harry Potter series of books under one corner, making it about 2.5″ higher. That should rate as off-kilter – I wouldn’t want to sleep at that angle! LOL!

It started out at 73 degrees F when I plugged it in to AC power.  I set the temperature for the freezer portion to 17 degrees F, which keep the fridge section about 35 degrees… Several hours later, when I remembered to actually check on it, it was down to temp and chilling exactly as expected.

Myth Debunked!

Test 2 – Power Usage

What are the real power consumption numbers for the Dometic when pulling 12v and running on the solar system?Shiner Black Lager 97

We placed the Dometic into the Prairie Schooner, bought
some luscious Shiner Black Lager beer at the local grocery story and plugged it in to the 12v cigar outlet in the Ford Transit Cargo Van… Temperature started out at 76 degrees F and the beer was about 15 minutes from having been in the grocer’s cooler.  It pulls under 1 Ah of power. We have 200 Ah of batteries, so I switch the meter to Percentage of Batteries Left.

Tuesday Night, 11 April 2017

  • 1800 hours, Plugged it in, set at 17F, batteries have 100% remaining
  • dusk arrived, beer is cold, pulling .4-.8 Ah depending on cycle
  • 2200 hours, switched it to Low Consumption as it had attained 16F, 98.;5% remaining
  • 2230 hours, 16 degrees, 97.8% remaining
  • 0000 hours, 14 degrees, 97.3% remaining
  • 0248 hours, 16 degrees, 96.8% remaining
  • went to bed, daylight (very overcast) arrived, solar is feeding the fridge and topped off the batteries
  • 1200 hours, 16 degrees (82 degrees outside the van), 100% remaining
  • dusk arrived,  batteries are topped off still, beer is still cold although half of it disappeared last night – I dunno what happened there.  😀
  • 2020 hours, 16 degrees, 99.1% remaining
  • 2245 hours, 14 degrees, 98.4% remaining
  • 0030 hours, 18 degrees, 97.9% remaining

It appears that it is pulling about 1% of our battery bank per hour when it is drawing strictly from the batteries.  During the day, the amperage is low enough that the batteries can recharge fully even on a very overcast day and only using one of the solar panels that we have, so 150W. (backordered Y-connectors, only one panel is plugged in currently)

I am very pleased with the performance of the Dometic Dual Zone, so far!

Keep those questions coming – we are more than willing to play around and run tests while we have the opportunity to play Beer Games with it!  LOL!  That’s it for this episode of Dometic Dual Zone Fridge-Freezer Test Results!

Now, I am off to go find one of those 35 degree Shiner Blacks…


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5 thoughts on “Dometic Dual Zone Fridge-Freezer Test Results”

    1. Somehow, supposedly, a rumor was milling around that the electric fridges were also impacted…
      I was happy to help dispel the mis-information.

  1. What about ventilation? I want to install mine in a cabinet and am worried about how to properly ventilate it.

    1. Hi, Austin!

      Our Dometic isn’t installed in a cabinet, but I would assume that with 3″ or 4″ of clearance around it, and with proper ventilation to allow the heat to dispel – that you could slip it back into a cabinet with no issues. I would think that an exhaust fan of some sort, perhaps a little computer muffin fan, would be sufficient.

      With the top opening up like a cooler, you would need to pull it out to open the top, or make a hinged lid that could lift open… just helping you brainstorm. 🙂

      Let us know what you come up with,

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