With our deadline for moving out of the house and into the Ford Transit Cargo Van fast approaching, we are deep in the throes of minimalism -ing and gearing up for The Big Garage Sale!

The process of unloading half a century of household goods and accumulated consumer products has become much easier and is pretty much painless now. My family, I must admit, is taking some issue with my unloading with such disconnect. Some of the items hold sentimental value, some items are inherited items from my grandparents, and then there is the usual Mom-Stuff that my kids made for me over their childhood years…

While I greatly appreciate the history and significance of the inherited items – there simply isn’t an easy way to keep/store/maintain very much. My father has graciously offered to store some high-value items (family photos, some select furniture, a few boxes for my daughter), so that will allow me a bit of latitude in the selection process. That said, I still am going to greatly reduce the amount that gets retained.

The Big Garage Sale is slated for 08 April 2017, and on that one and only day (Saturday), Everything Must Go! Rock has even taken off of work to stay home and help man the Garage Sale!

Wish us luck, dear readers!

One Day Only! Everything MUST Go!


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2 thoughts on “Garage Sale”

  1. Thanks Ron… That is the goal, appreciate the well wishes… The extra money wil help… Wish us strength as we part with a lifetime worth of our “priceless” stuff. LOL!

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