Many apologies, dear Readers, for our protracted recent absence. Recently, we have been juggling several projects at once.  All of them are progressing… even if it seems that they’re moving at the speed of molasses in January!

What’s Up?

We are deep in the throes of minimalization.  We are liquidating all the crap in the house to fund the outfitting of the Prairie Schooner. I must admit, that once I finally pried a couple items out of my grasp, that it gets easier to shovel things out of the house! It is already getting bigger in here, if you don’t count the yard sale piles growing in the dining room.  Or the various containers that are collecting items to live with us in the van. But we are weeding out the house at a pretty good clip!

We are wrapping up the solar installation, kinda. Every time we think we have it whupped, we discover that “one more thing that we need” to make it perfect. The final part should be arriving tomorrow (today, I guess, because its after 1 a.m. already) and we should be able to finalize the interior and then write up the trials and tribulations of the interior of the van’s solar setup.

We, or should I say, HE got the Fantastic Vent fan installed. I about hyperventilated just knowing that he was going to cut a 14″ by 14″ gaping hole in the roof of a perfectly good van.  And then it rained for two days following the installation – to which I ran outside to look in horrified fascination, verifying that it wasn’t leaking. LOL! We are just waiting for him to have a couple hours to himself to write up the procedure and caveats…

We have 90% of how the interior ~should~ work figured out. Only jockeying around a couple more items to figure out where best to put them so we can access them in a reasonable manner.

We still need to weed out tools.  And the garage.  And the van parts. And then figure out how they’re going to fit in the back of the van, under the bed frame. That’s a whole ‘nuther story!

Add in housework, work-work for him, dog wrangling, yard mowings, rain, muddy paws, cooking, cleaning, and laundry… and we are just about as frazzled as we can get!

Oh, and my college-aged daughter is going to visit for a few days over Spring Break, so my little heart is smiling with anticipation! Wheeeee! <3

Don’t give up on us quite yet. We will get something, one thing, finished enough that we can give you a good write up!

Until then, stay dry and stay tuned!

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One thought on “Recent Absence of Late”

  1. I figured you must be real busy. I was also still cleaning up my site after having moved to a new server and doing it myself. Sounds like the horror of cutting the hole in the van is wearing off some. Michelle would have fainted if I’d have done something like that. She probably would have just sat a potted plant under it knowing my skills.

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