Sunday evening, San Antonio had a rare batch of tornadoes blow through… There were four confirmed tornadoes. Two F-0 and two F-1 category tornadoes.

The shorter F-1 in the center of the screenshot is where we live…

The warning came around 10:30 at night, so I had time to grab the flashlights, a gallon of water, a three-day pack of dehydrated food, the dog dish full of food, and my “purse” which carries only a couple battery backup packs for the phones. These items are all within the travel path to our interior bathroom, where the dogs and I sat out the tornado. At one point, I cracked the door that adjoins the master bathroom, which has a window – and watched the iridescent green lightning, in horrified fascination.

While Rock was at work, and he was experiencing the same storm, but about 3-4 minutes before I saw it. His only shelter was the pickup… And one of the tornadoes spawned just North of him. We were in steady communication during the whole ordeal.

Being from Oklahoma, I have seen and been in a couple tornadoes, albeit on the edges. I knew what to expect and how best to attempt to keep myself and the pooches as safe as I could.

That said, there is nothing quite like feeling the house shiver from the pressure of winds, hearing the winds howling mournfully, the sound of sheets of rain pelting the concrete siding boards, and then there is that freight-train-speeding-past sound…

The tornado ended about a block from our little sanctuary. Our neighborhood was spared any significant damage. The adjoining neighborhood, was not so lucky.


Folks, always have a Plan in mind for unknown surprises in life…and test out your plans. Pretend you’ve got an emergency and step through your concept to discern shortcomings and oversights. Set up with your partner to randomly text you, and drop whatever you are doing to begin the Plan.

Weather Underground (no, not that group) has a very good app that includes alerts. and their Storm app is even more detailed than the standard weather app.

Stay safe, my friends.

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