Friends…Family…My Countrymen…Happy Valentine’s day to all of you! I hope all of you spent it with the one(s) you love!

I have the honor of delivering this installment of ‘this ole’ Priarie Schooner‘. I am your host, Rock…  🙂

Over the last several days we have been in logistics mode, planning the specifics on our solar system, laying out our future wiring schematics and just generally creating a plan of attack. We have had to adjust fire on a few things as we went…which is really just my way of saying that we are learning all of this as we go, and we have found better solutions for our new home conversion. Note: Better is often my euphemism for more cost-effective, but I digress. We will have another update on the actual progress of the van project in the next couple of days, stay tuned for that exciting episode!


Tali and I are not active participants in festivities such as Valentine’s Day. We both share the same philosophy in regard to this, and indeed many other subject matters. Our philosophy regarding Valentine’s Day is simple: Neither of us believe in spending money on dead flowers, boxes of chocolate, stuffed animals or any of the other standard fare which have become societal norms for this time of year. We both choose to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s Day, by expressing our love and adoration for each other…not just on February 14th…but on every day that ends in “Y”.

Today was another example of how we exercised our prerogative…I was fortunate enough to have the day off of work, and we spent the day JUsT spending time together. As I mentioned before, we have ordered multiple items for our project, and we have been planning how to implement these items into our new home. (Teaser Alert! Y’all are going to Love it…I’m really proud of all of the effort and organization Tali has put into this…it is going to be Stinkin’ Groovy!) It has been lots of fun as the Amazon stork has periodically delivered the components for our new home…One little box at a time.

So, this was how we spent our Valentine’s Day together… I cannot possibly imagine a better way to spend Valentine’s Day…or indeed, any day that ends in “Y”…than to spend it with the Love of My Life! This journey continues to get progressively more exciting and satisfying…planning our future together. I could not ask for a better partner than to have my best friend at my side in the collaborative endeavor that we affectionately refer to as the Prairie Schooner.

I may not be the stereotypical flowers and candy type of guy on Valentine’s Day, however, it is not beyond me to seize the moment for a public declaration of my feelings…though I am confident my daily actions demonstrate the depth of my devotion to you, dearest Talise… I am still going to take this opportunity to make the proverbial “shout from the rooftops”.

My Darling Talise:

You remain the most amazing woman I have ever known… Your beautiful mind and intellect still leave me floored, furthered by the effect that your physical form and grace make my pulse and breathing crescendo as my mind reels over the seemingly impossible combination of all that you are. Your patient and kind nature, leave me feel undeserving…while your spiritual strength and mental tenacity leave me in awe. Your sense of humor brightens my day, and your ability to see the best things in life gives me hope. I am profoundly grateful for your lightest touch, which still sends shivers throughout my body. I appreciate your every smile as a miracle that drives away the darkest gloom. I am still stupefied by the sparkle in your eyes when you look at me, but would not trade that connection for anything! You are my very best friend! You are my Lover! You are my partner! You are my Team Mate! You are my everything! I may never figure out how a simple guy like me ever deigned to be so fortunate… but please never doubt how very Thankful I am for you, and all that you are! I Love You Endlessly!

Dear Reader, thank you for indulging me for a few moments. It is my sincere wish that each of you enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your special someone… for all of my Brethren who are serving far away from their homes and loved ones tonight, I thank you again for your sacrifice. For my friends who are fortunate enough to be home with their loved ones tonight, regardless whether you bought flowers, chocolates, cards, or something similar for your love….don’t forget to give the gift of your time and your heart. After a week, the flowers are in the trash, the chocolates are gone and the card has been shuffled into a shoe box…your time and your heart will be the gifts that last…and mean the most! Just my two cents…you can thank me later… 🙂

I’m going to close with one more thing to share, this is a brief quote from a popular sonnet that some of you may recognize. It has special significance and history for Tali and I… You still make me feel precisely like this, my beloved. Thank you, for all that you are…and all that you do!


Signing off for now…We are looking forward to sharing our next update on the conversion project with all of you… Until then, “May you live as long as you want, but not want as long as you live…”


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