Let’s get back to our Frugal Engineering 101 escapades! We left off last night with me dumping my drink across our Ford Transit Cargo Van when I excitedly was trying to show Rock where the solar inverter was going to be positioned.

We had installed most of the ceiling insulation, and were waiting for the Gorilla Glue Construction Adhesive to dry enough that we could remove the support poles (tent poles) and remove the painters’ tape that was holding everything in place.

We had settled for the evening, with adult beverages in-hand, and were planning out the final placement of the solar setup, lamps, outlets, etc.

I will include the parts list and prices at the bottom of the blog, for those of you who would prefer to skip the gab and get right to brass tacks.

Even after mopping up all the spilled drink, we were still excited that we were finally making some progress on our teeny Tiny Home! We found an old chair and brought it out, sitting in the light of dusk, we planned and dreamed and schemed and generally just blew off a little steam. Deciding on a THIRD (uh oh!) drink, we brought the dogs out front to join us in our relaxation.

Tootsies and Tent Poles and Solar Lights and Dog Eyes peering under the edge of the draped bedsheet/curtain.


Click Here to meet the Dogs!

All four of us loaded up into the van and slid the door closed so we wouldn’t be illuminated by the little solar lights that currently reside in the Prairie Schooner.

(If you haven’t checked them out, the Luci Inflatable Solar Lights are amazing!  We have two types, and the bigger ones are really powerful and useful! I used big binder clips and pinch them to the clothes line to recharge them every few days.)

We sat and talked and laughed and just all around had an enjoyable evening… and eventually fell asleep!  And didn’t wake up until about 8 a.m. when the neighbor’s roofers showed up for work!

So the Prairie Schooner has been test-slept, now!

Next Up:  The Solar Solution Begins

Tech Info:  Ceiling Insulation

Two sheets of OC Pink Foam 1″ with a R5 Value will cover the ceiling. It almost perfectly fills the depth between the ceiling ribs. The 4′ width leaves about 14″ along one side to be patched in. Starting at the cab, we filled in three sections, skipping the fourth because we are installing a vent-fan yet, and then filling in the fifth. It only takes a razor knife, a framing square, a Sharpie, and a tape measure. We will be picking up more sheets of pink to fill in the section where the fan will be installed, and the big areas on the walls, but aren’t overly concerned with insulating the walls. It will require another tube of glue when we do the remainder. We will probably fill in the overhead ribs with expanding foam spray after we have installed all the wiring – maybe, that part is not decided yet. I am reluctant to put something so annoyingly permanent in places where we might one day want to route wiring.

Two Sheets: Owens Corning R5 1″ Pink Foam Insulation Boards ($25 each)

One Tube:  Gorilla Glue Construction Adhesive (caulk tube) ($8 each)

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