ScaryStuffOne of the scariest parts of The Plan to sell everything we own and move into our Ford Transit Cargo Van tiny home, is that all of my and Rock’s lives have been spent seeing the Recipe Of Life as — get a job, buy a home, get married, save for retirement, pay the mortgage, spawn the kiddos, raise the kiddos, wrap up the retirement savings, wrap up the career, retire for a few years, and then die. We are expected to spend 40-50 years of our lives, working toward being able to spend 10-20 years in “retirement.” The scary part is that we will be buckin’ that Norm by pretty much thumbing our noses at the whole recipe!

Work Yourself To DEATH
Work Yourself To DEATH!

As I grew into adulthood, I started plodding down the stark and dreary “Path of Life”.  I found a job, and become a slave to the job/home/family/retirement endeavour.  (Don’t get me wrong – I adored being a Mother and found contentment and fulfillment in raising my children.  But as soon as they left home, my Purpose, also moved away with them…)  But there was a couple important keys that were missing from my ingredient list for this recipe of Life.

I was never taught investment or retirement savings strategies. I lived pretty much hand-to-mouth for my entire adult life.  I was not armed with enough education to enable the continuity of my career, there really wasn’t ever enough money to afford to keep up with the certifications for the IT field (which moves very quickly and rotates vogue technologies in rapid succession). And I think that our entire economy took a turn somewhere in my mid-30’s where simple hard work, loyalty, and ingenuity just wasn’t a winning technique any longer. So, I find myself at a very strange place for a 50-year old…

One day, while performing the endless job searching and applying routine – I stumbled upon a job board that listed Odd Jobs, Strange Jobs, Non-Ordinary Jobs. Intrigued, I delved into their website a bit deeper and found openings in all sorts of places for all sorts of things to do. And all were things that pretty much anybody could do — house sit for three months on a small farm and attend to their pets/buildings/livestock, ranch hand at a summer ranch in some po’dunk town in the middle of nowhere, spend three months on a yacht as kitchen staff, work as a greeter in (insert national or state park location) for five months, guest services (hostess) for a ranch in some other remote location, work at a theme park for the tourist season, etc.

I was intrigued!  These were all things that either Rock or I could easily perform.  (OK, maybe not the yaProud to Be Debt-Freecht trip.  He doesn’t like big water.)  But none of this is brain surgery. None of it requires anything further than some smarts, and a happy attitude, and that you BE where the opportunities are located.  None of it pays huge, but we are such frugal people that we survive on very little income anyway. (Gotta LOVE being debt-free!)

We could do that.  WE could GET where the opportunities are located, if our little home had the ability to go places.  Like a camper or RV or car… or maybe, wait for it, Like a Van!  😀

So, we began the research into the lifestyle.  There is a metric ton of information out there on the specifics of van dwelling or full-time RVing or Vanaboding.  There are tons of support groups and even more support services to which you can subscribe.

Mail forwarding services.  Vehicle licensing services. Forums and groups and newsletters and eBooks and and and

If you think that this lifestyle might be for you – then research what you will lose and what you will gain.  Look at the Pros and Cons very objectively, and with your current situation in the forefront of your mind. You might figure out that you, too, can live a life free of societal conventions and convictions…

Greet a Happy New Day

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