We wrapped up the final step of the bed platform.  After deciding that we did like the height of the platform with the mattress on it – we permanently tied down the loading ramps with metal straps.  (We had used cargo straps to hold it somewhat in place while we tested it out in different ways.  Sitting on it, getting in it to lay down, stuffing things under it and accessing them reasonably conveniently, when IN Bed – can you sit up? or kneel?)

We were browsing our Orange Box Store for some goodies for the Prairie Schooner’s conversion into our Tiny Home, and stumbled up on some flat straps about 18″ long in the lumber joist hanger display. Being completely flat with some nail holes pre-drilled, they worked perfectly… we measured and bent the metal to make a strap that screws to the 2 x 6 support rail, and steps up and over the ramp.  At a pricey $1.37, picking up four of them hit us for just over $5 to complete the platform!

Bed Platform3
Securing the loading ramps to the wooden supports for the bed platform in our Ford Transit Tiny Home…
Bed Platform3
Strap going over the loading ramp support and tied to the side rail.



This gives us about 24″ beneath the platform for storage, with a mattress width of 54″ (plus a little bit more between the edge of the mattress to the back doors themselves), so we should have almost 30″ from the back and 30″ from the front in depth.  That makes 60″ deep x 69″ wide x 24″ tall, for a total of about 50 cubic feet to stash our supplies!  Not too shabby!

This brings the total cost of the platform to about $30, not counting the loading ramps which were $50 on Craigslist…

This has proven to be a very frugal DIY project!

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