With the arrival of our moving tiny home yesterday (see Our Tiny Home has come HOME…), the real work begins! (As if finding and securing our little place were not a big accomplishment!)

We will be living in an area of space that is juuuuust about the size of most people’s master bathroom! The van is about 74″ wide with 55″ between the wheel wells, a length of 143″, and 72″ tall. For a total of 357 cubic feet of space behind the driver’s area. It is 6′ x 11′ in floor space, more or less – or the Ultimate in TINY HOME, at 66 square feet!

Into this, we need to stuff a full-sized bed, and all the comforts of home. Plus, two whole adult humans and two full-sized adult 60-pound dogs. Oh my!

We measured our current bed for height, width, length, mattress depth, and performed a few preliminary calculations to verify that we can get it in there in the manner in which we THINK we can… it seems do-able!

There are two lines of M8 bolt holes down the length of each side wall. One up high Wall RivNuts location with board for Bed Platformand one down low – the lower one is almost bed height. It will be a bit higher than we are wanting, so we will mount the bedframe temporarily in that location to verify that we can get into the bed and out of the bed without injuring anyone or anything… (Imagine having to hop a little bit to get into the bed, only to realize that the roof is only a mere inch above your now-bleeding scalp.)

We are going with a 2″ x 6″ mounted down the length of both walls, so we can then attach and secure a variety of storage solutions and mounting solutions. (We aren’t inventing the wheel with this concept – there are numerous forums and publications about converting a van into a camper or home.)

We are still waiting for the dealership to deliver the cargo mat that goes on the floor. In the interim, we will piddle around with some pre-project(s). This will be a wonderful way to make progress while we are still in the holding pattern.

Before we install the cargo mat, we are going to use it as a template to cut some OSB to make the floor smooth instead of the ribbed cargo bed that it has now. So in the interim, we will test drive the bed theory and get the side rails installed…

Stay tuned for more fun and frivolity from Team JUsT!  Part 2 of the Bed Platform, coming right up!

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