Drum Roll Please!!!!      Strike up the Band!!!   And…the fat Lady has Sung!!!   (Or something along those lines)   🙂

Our teeny, tiny home van is now parked in our driveway and ready to be outfitted. With a new windshield, and a few other minor discrepancies that were corrected by the dealership…We are ready to begin our planning and installation in earnest.

Soooo….to all of our Dear Readers: We need to enlist your assistance with something. (Aw….come on, it will be fun. I Promise…)

We have been trying to come up with a clever name for our new teeny, tiny van home. For a frame of reference, some of the ideas that we have on the table are:

  1. Cream Puff
  2. Ritz-Carlton
  3. Millennium Falcon (I am a Star Wars Nerd.)

We are looking for an endearing family-pet type name, or perhaps something witty and funny that is pertinent to the look and purpose of the van…. Lets make this a contest. Please leave any thoughts or ideas that you may come up with….and the Grand Prize Winner will be awarded a year’s supply of Turtle Wax!!! (Just kidding…Had a Bob Barker flashback)  At any rate, any help y’all can provide would be greatly appreciated. We are kinda stumped on a good name.

So without further meandering…Let’s take a look at the pictures!  They are very exciting!  🙂  Yes!!! Ladies and Gentlemen….It Is a big white van parked in a driveway. (I am standing next to the Van, being a little camera-shy! LOL!)

Please leave a name suggestion in the comments!

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