Woo hoooo!

We did it!

We found what we were looking for – and made it happen!


It took about two weeks of wrangling.  One salesman at the stealership got  removed from our sale, and we got a different one who was ~awesome~ and worked his tail off to get the numbers where we wanted them!  I spent three hours on the phone yesterday, beating the bank, their underwriters, and my insurance company, into submission. By sheer dint of will – everything converged late yesterday afternoon!  Success!  😀

We are now the proud new owners of a 2016 Ford Transit LWB (long wheel base at 148″) Medium Roof Cargo Van… she looks like a box that saltine crackers come in!  LOL!

Interestingly, in her previous life, she was a fleet vehicle.  We left her there to get a couple of adjustments made and will bring her home in a couple of days.

Now, to sell my pickup so we remain debt-free!  It should be a very close number of dollars, so we might come out ahead, or be slightly behind – but nothing which we have not planned to accommodate.

The fun begins!  The Tiny Home creation takes shape! Bedding, bathing, toileting, cooking, working, storing, loving and living solutions that we have long been researching and refining… begin implementation and installation over the next few weeks!

Finally, Mom still isn’t convinced that this is a good idea, that we will be safe and secure.  I try to relieve her anxiety – but Moms are supposed to worry about their babies!  I appreciate that she is trying to be open-minded… <3

(We have GOT to get some of these household goods sold… anyone need The Old West series of Time-Life books?  LOL!)

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