With a few days of quiet, we have had the opportunity to make some progress on the planning portion of moving our life into the teeny, tiny house!

We initially drafted a thorough but brief problem-solving matrix, and then powered through the steps.  “Pro/Con“, which feeds a table of “Concerns“, which feeds the research and brainstorming table of “Solutions“, which might feed a table listing “Purchases“.

We listed 10-12 items that would be considered Pro/Con. For example, in living in a van, one Pro would be the mobility to move easily with very little fuss – so “MOBILITY” was the entry.  One Con that came up was how we were going to deal with Hygiene-Bathroom-Bathing.

Taking HYGIENE as an entry and putting it on the “Concerns” list allowed us to expand the concerns into specific categories that can then be addressed.  We enumerated things such as: how will we keep clean and shiny when living in a teeny tiny house? what do we do for toileting issues?

Having been avid campers, we both are quite familiar with and comfortable with the logistics of inventing ways to bathe and clean ourselves.  From taking the politely-named “Bird Bath” from a basin or pool, to using alcohol on a rag for spot polishing.

When I first moved into the little sanctuary in which we are currently residing, I spent almost two months with no functional bathing facilities.  The house has a full bath and a half bath, and we remodeled the half bath first because we had issues with the master bathroom. It took weeks to completely strip it, repair the damage, and find a tub that would fit in the master bath.  So I literally spent six weeks bathing from a sink!

Solution for bathing goes like this:  I have a galvanized trough that was originally purchased for dog bathing.  Combining that with a pre-existing camp shower that we have – think of a big ZipLoc baggie that you put 3-4 gallons of water in, which has a hose and “shower head” on the end.  It is heavy black plastic, so it can be solar warmed!  ~Voila!~  We have a Port-a-Shower!

So, in addition to sink-bathing, we also have the opportunity for a shower!  And the dog trough is big enough to sit in, kinda… so even a quasi-bath will be an option!

Now to address the potty issue.  I am a deathly shy person.  I am extremely private.  I am horrified that I may have to tinkle in close proximity to my Sweetheart…

We kicked around things like Johnny Jugs and Luggable Loo (snap-on lid and seat for a 5-gallon bucket) and a whole host of little portable RV/Camper style potties. We have decided on a camper potty and to attempt to limit it to #1 usage, when at all possible.  Of course, should someone be sick, all the rules will go out the van door.  A common solution is to line the bowl with a trashcan liner to prevent any #2 in the reclamation tank.

That resolves the actual functionality of restroom activities. But the issue of privacy and modesty while using the can… sigh.

There is not a curtain made that will actually make a private potty in a tiny house van…

Purchase List:  Privacy Curtain and Port-a-Potty  (Let the Research Begin!)

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and cringing along with me…  Please comment below.  Especially, if you are an experience RV’er with potty stories with which to regale us!

(Here is the potty we are considering…)

Camco 41545 Travel Toilet, 5.3 gallon

bathroom planning

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