The move from a house-house to living in a moving tiny home, is going to be a tough one for me.  I have always found a sense of security, surrounded by my stuff and junk and things that I have collected over the past half a century… (Yes, I am a little old lady.)

The consideration of what will become our home, has been a long and arduous journey – but we have settled on one specific cargo van because it offers not only a strong and reliable power train, but because it comes in a variety of lengths and heights from which to choose.

What does that mean? (for the folks who haven’t looked into living in an automobile)

That means that not only can we fit enough stuff into the van to actually survive autonomously (store, cook, eat, bathe, dress, toilet, laundry, work, sleep, love, play) but that we can also be comfortable and not feel like we are sleeping in our car at the rest area on a road trip! (I have done this – and while its OK for a night or two when making a speedy trip TO somewhere, it is not something I would want to do as a lifestyle.  I have slept in many a WalMart parking lot and State Rest Area over the past 35 or so years!)

We selected the 2016 Ford Transit Cargo Van for a number of reasons:

  • Width of 74″ will accommodate a regular/real mattress, turned sideways, on which we can sleep. (We are not tall people.)
  • Height of 72″ in the Medium Roof will allow us to stand up, fully upright! Always a bonus!  Three different heights, we are selecting the middle one.
  • Comes in a variety of lengths, which directly impact the floor space in which you will be living.  Two wheelbase lengths for three body lengths.
  • Three power plants offer a range of choices. The 3.2L turbo-diesel engine is the one that the Rangers have been using for a while, so that is a tried and true power source.  The 3.5L EcoBoost has been in use in the F150’s since (um) 2010 and have enjoyed enormous success.  And the 3.7L is a good compromise in a bullet-proof large six cylinder.

Ford Transit Cargo VanWe are now on the hunt for our Ford Transit Cargo Van.  This has proven to be quite the task!  The prices are hugely varied, and the options for which we are searching, seem to be an elusive combination.

I am currently focused on three candidates, and will be pursuing them over the coming week.  (Updated:  We found our New Tiny Home!)

To be continued…

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