I figured it out this morning!

I sat down to my obligatory one cup of coffee and was browsing some of the WordPress folks who have similar journeys to ours… and while Rock is on the same journey as I am, he does not suffer the same conflict.  He is not agonizing over every single item that needs relocated, rehomed, repurposed, donated, sold or somehow gotten-rid-of…

I was reading Minimaldrobe’s post about how we are trained to collect crap “Just In Case”.  In case we have that formal party to attend.  In case the power goes out for a month or two.  In case.  In case.  In case!

Check out his first blog posting:  “Just For When” Rule by Minimaldrobe

And it dawned on me:  I have always been a Planner.  (It is the rage to call us “Preppers” currently, but I always simply saw myself as a Planner.) To plan on what to do if the power goes our for a night or two.  To plan to have some reserve food for when a storm is headed in and everyone else cleans out the water and batteries and bread aisles at the grocery store.  To plan on what I would do in a variety of situations…  I plan.

It is a good thing.  I rarely am caught by surprise.  I rarely am caught unprepared. Because I plan.  And so does Rock.  WE ARE Planners.  That is one of the things on which we are perfectly matched – our planning visions.

Which brings me to my conflict.  How can a planner (storing items for real or imagined emergency situations) also be a minimalist (streamlining what you have on-hand)?

THIS is IT!  This is why I am so torn…

I look forward to reducing my life to the bare necessities! But I begin panicking when I realize that there won’t be any room for my planning and prepping stores.

I am going to have to take a severely hard look at what stores I have, how they will fit into a minimalistic lifestyle in a 400 CUBIC foot home, and to what level my preparedness will have to be metered.

Ahhhhh, OK, so now I have a plan… at least a plan to inspect and revise The Plan!

How do my minimalistic and frugal readers mitigate their need for foresight and planning?  Please share your strategies!


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2 thoughts on “The Minimalist Prepper…”

  1. Thanks for the link Talise.

    This is new territory for me, and I guess you want to balance out paranoia and being practical. If games like The Last of Us have taught me anything, the people who would survive a disaster of some kind need a lot of practical skills. How to make things, repair things, cook things, traditional ‘survival’ techniques like the kind the SAS might teach.

    And of course there’s lots of parts of the world where disasters are already happening or have happened – so the definition of what a disaster / what we may term an apocalyptic event, is of a great deal of importance

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