I am having a meltdown, here…

I keep “finding exception” with every vehicles that fits our criteria. (Yes, FITS our Criteria!)  Rock actually took my hand and explained to me that I am in full-on-panic-mode. I am grasping at straws.  In a hand-flapping fit of denial, even though I know what we truly need to do.

He’s right.


While I know this is the way we save ourselves from homelessness, I am in absolute panic mode thinking of having to sell or donate durned near everything we own… (It’s not homeless, it’s homefree!)

So… I sat back and looked around me.  When was the last time I watched even ONE of those DVDs in the rack?  I only own 15-20 DVDs, but the reality is that I don’t watch them.  I own “Braveheart“, not because it has Mel Gibson in it – only because I like what it stands for… same with “I Am Legend” and “300” and “Gladiator” and “Saving Private Ryan“.  I love the story of triumphant human spirit against all odds.

While the odds feel like they’re against us right now, perhaps I should hold on to a couple of those movies…for inspiration.  But those books will need to go…


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