Growing weary of the status quo, we have decided to change our lives and make the most of the time we have left!

This isn’t about dropping out of society, it is about reinventing ourselves to best enjoy what is out there. It is making the best decisions we can with the resources we have on-hand.  It is taking control of our lives, and being content with our choices.  It is seeing the bigger picture and seizing the opportunities afforded us.

We are gearing up to sell everything we own and move ourselves into a simple lifestyle that will afford us every opportunity to pursue life on our terms, and we will be sharing with you the progress, challenges, triumphs and pitfalls of this new chapter in the story of our lives…

We are moving into “a van down by the river”!  😀


Talise (Tali)’s Bio:  Mom of two successful, secure, well-adjusted, grown kiddos; Frugalista Deluxe;; mechanically inclined; sweeps the floor/patio/porch with a broom when I am anxious; planner and prepper; shivers when the temperature drops below about 75 degrees F; washes dishes compulsively and shines my sink daily; loves trees and forests and the scent of leaf litter; slightly hippie chick; terrified of my home burning down; cooks from scratch; loves canning (probably because I don’t  have to do very much of it); loves the golden color that sunshine turns just before sunset when the rays are almost horizontal; katsaridaphobic; prefers the feel of a freshly scrubbed face to layers of war paint/make-up; recently divorced (boy, that decade was a waste of time); used to have a good career that has fizzled… So now I am at a crossroads – what do I want to do with the rest of my time?  (Tick, tock, tick, tock)

Tali’s Philosophy:  I think that women should be proud to be responsible for successfully raising children, overseeing the smooth running of their home, nurturing their family, scheduling social activities, taking the time and effort to plan and execute wholesome, nutritious meals, and the myriad of other feminine tasks.  I truly believe that when we blur the lines between men’s and women’s roles, that neither partner is happy to be a homogenized version of themselves…  Men and women are complimentary opposites in several key aspects that don’t need to be adjusted.
(If you and your sweetheart are overlapping in some of the “gender roles”, keep in mind that a lot of that can be compatibility – and not indicative of homogenization.)



Rock’s Bio:  Who am I? The question remains the same, yet the answer to the question has been answered in so many ways in my life. I scarcely know how to answer it, but will give the obligatory list of labels and life experiences to satisfy societal requirements.

I’ve spent a majority of my life either in military or law enforcement uniforms protecting and helping others…a venture which I have found to be simultaneously rewarding and thankless. In reference to LTC Grossman’s analogy, I have been a Sheepdog all of my life, though to take it a step further…I have evolved into the BlackSheepdog, pun intended…

I am a Patriot who generally avoids political or religious discussions, except with my Sweetheart. I love most any outdoor activity…the further away from populated areas the better. I find that spending time secluded in nature recharges my spiritual batteries, while any amount of time spent in cities drains them. I am an avid reader, I enjoy history, find chopping wood to be very therapeutic and satisfying, and have been playing drums as a hobby for 25 years. I also enjoy cooking, writing, baseball, hiking, hunting, and teaching…amongst other things.

I am irrationally afraid of only two things…I have always been scared of large bodies of water (terrified of drowning) and scorpions will make me run away squealing like a little girl in pigtails. On the opposing side of that coin, nothing brings we more comfort than seclusion in nature, preferably a large forest… And holding the hand of my Sweetheart. Absolute bliss, is doing both at the same time.

So, my chosen professions have finished with me, and I with them…but I remain the BlackSheepdog…I am at a Crossroads…what do I want to do with rest of my time?

Rock’s Philosophy:  My philosophy is an eclectic mix of contradictions, traversing between simple and complex. I jealously guard my privacy, yet have nothing to hide. I am not materialistic, but am protective over what is mine. I prefer to live as simply as possible, but like many of us, have become accustomed to conveniences and luxuries. I am predominantly old-fashioned in my thinking, but allow for certain specific modern exceptions. I am highly adaptable, but sometimes am set in my ways and resistant to change.

I believe in working hard for what you want and need is imperative, and having honor and integrity are rare commodities. (though needed more desperately because of short supply) I believe that the homogenization of gender roles, the emphasis placed on rabid consumerism,  and the degrading of the core family unit are the catalysts for many of our modern problems, and perhaps eventually our downfall.



JUsT Us:  JUsT is an acronym for “us” as a couple.  We took our first names’ initials, and put Us between them.  It is the unique and dorky way that we endearingly refer to ourselves as a couple, as opposed to when we are referring to ourselves as individuals.  (Rock has a real name, but he prefers to write with his pseudonym.)

We are truly a great team – he is strong and analytic and a defense-oriented guy, and she is finesse and details and long-range worrying and enjoys balancing the budgets.  We are both intelligent, but in differing scopes and topics that seamlessly work well together, complementary and related fields.  He had a career in law enforcement, while she was a computer geek.  We keep each other grounded, balanced, realistic, and from wandering too far out into the weeds…





Our Tiny Home has come HOME…

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